Campus Explorer

Campus Explorer is a location-based mobile game for Android and iOS for the students of ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich. At the moment, I am developing a first prototype evaluating the core mechanics and the server back-end using the Unity game engine, Mapbox and Amazon Web Services.


Download Thesis: click here


Campus Explorer gamifies your student life. Wherever you are on the campus, just start up the game and your avatar will be placed at your real location on a three-dimensional map.

You can find many different points of interest all over the campus that you can check into and collect.

The game lets you explore ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich, socialize with other students and score points and achievements in the process.

Building Check-in

The easiest way to score some points is to explore the campus and check into buildings. Whenever you are close to an ETH or UZH building, a button appears which you can click and which rewards points once per day.

Expedition Check-in

Expeditions are tasks requiring you to find a specific place on the campus. They can be accepted at expedition hubs on your map and can then be solved whenever you have time.

If you are physically close to the expedition goal, a flag appears, and the expedition can be completed by clicking it.

Event Check-in

As opposed to expeditions, the location of events is given and so is an exact time frame when you can check in. Events can happen all over the campus and can be anything from student parties to study groups or simple meet ups among friends.

Just be there at the right time and check in to the event by clicking the flag appearing on the map.

The game allows you to create your own events and to meet other students more easily.

Student Check-in

By activating the "radar" functionality of the game, you can share a snapshot of your location with other students and get their location in return.

Just like the other points of interest on your map, you can click on a student's avatar and add them to your collection.


Blackboards represent the chat system of the game. Anything you write on a blackboard is completely anonymous and can be read and rated by other users.