A Drone in the Dark

There was once a faraway planet with a landscape of incredible beauty, the grounds were fertile and provided nutrition for all of its inhabitants. Since the beginning of time there were two tribes living on the planet. They peacefully co-existed side-by-side for many years, but over time their minds got poisoned and they got greedy. A war began that lasted for centuries.

Eternal darkness has fallen over the world. The people found refuge in subterranean bunkers as the air has become poisonous. To collect food, they use drones which explore the surface of the planet and try to find places fertile enough to grow plants. Choose your tribe and discover a wasteland full of danger and desperation.


A Drone in the Dark is our contribution to the Game Programming Laboratory at ETH Zurich in 2016 and is the winner of the audience award sponsored by Microsoft.

More information, reports and the game itself can be found on the ETH website.

Click here for the post on the Microsoft Developer Facebook page.