Hi, I'm Benjamin

… and I'm a software engineer from the Zurich area in Switzerland. I love to experiment with new technologies and to bring innovative ideas to life. My passions include photography and film, just as much as game design, computer graphics, web engineering, and cloud technologies.

In my professional life, I write microservices, automate business processes, integrate applications in agile and dirstributed ways, and make sure for projects to succeed as a project lead.

Feel free to browse my portfolio below and discover my newest achievements in the blog section.


Journey to the Red Hat Summit

March 2023

Last March, I traveled to the East Coast to attend this year's Red Hat Summit. To make the most of that trip, I took the scenic route starting in Washington, moving on to Philadelphia, New York, and finally to Boston, where the event was held. Along the way, I managed to snatch some updates for the photo gallery. You can find them in the city section of my photo gallery.

Furnishing my Apartment ... in VR!

March 2023

It's difficult to make the right choice of furniture without actually placing the individual pieces in the apartment. Maps and visualizations help, but nothing compares to the feeling of walking around in a fully furnished space. So I did just that ... but in VR. I turned on Unreal Engine 5 and got to work. After only a few hours I was already standing in my future apartment, sat at my virtual desk, and looked out of the window. The furniture placement works great, now I just need to model the actual furniture I'd like to buy ...

Introducing my Coworkers to the Metaverse

February 2023

Today I had the pleasure to lead a full-day workshop on the metaverse at ipt AG. We explored technologies and had discussions about use cases, the current market situation, and opportunities. The highlight, however, was getting hands-on with the Metaverse in Horizon Workrooms and taking our notes on the virtual blackboard. See more in this LinkedIn Post.

2 Months at the Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research (SLF)

June 2022

I had the great opportunity to spend two months at SLF in Davos collecting field data in the snow, implementing containerized web services in C++, developing CI/CD pipelines, and designing websites for documentation.

Agile Integration Requires Automated Tests

October 2021

Both the development and integration of services are becoming increasingly agile and decentralized. To prevent errors and incompatibilities, an automated approach to testing is essential. Read more in my blog on ipt.ch.

Kubernetes Certification (CKAD)

September 2021

After a few years of working with Kubernetes on the job, I have finally decided to get certified. I am now a "Certified Kubernetes Application Developer" and I'm looking forward to many more years of easily deploying and maintaining my software using Kubernetes.

Tangible AR at TEI 21

February 2021

Our paper "Real-Time Capture of Holistic Tangible Interactions" by Virag Varga et al. was published in the "Proceedings of the Fifteenth International Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction".

iSAQB: Software Architecture Certification

May 2020

Today, I received the certification "Certified Professional for Software Architecture" from iSAQB.

Landscape Photography in Lötschental

October 2019

Every year in the fall season, I visit relatives in the beautiful mountain valley of Lötschental in the canton of Valais in Switzerland. In the context of this year's redesign of my website, I added some of the most stunning impressions of the valley and its surrounding mountains to the landscape section of my photo gallery.

Google Cloud: Certified Data Engineer

June 2019

In the past few months, I had the opportunity to deepen my knowledge about data engineering and to gain proficiency with products and workflows to process data in the Google Cloud. Today, I'm happy to announce that I received the certification "Google Cloud Platform Certified: Professional Data Engineer" as a reward for my efforts.

IT Consultant at ipt

October 2018 to present

In October 2018, I joined Innovation Process Technology AG as a consultant. At my first customer, a large Swiss financial institute, I already took full responsibility for the automation of the digital customer onboarding process.

In my second mandate, I was part of a team operating the Red Hat Single Sign-On platform. The platform was vital for the customer as both employees and ticket machines relied on it.

More recently, I have joined a large Swiss health insurer to establish a new distributed integration platform based on Red Hat Fuse, Apache Camel, and OpenShift.

Tangible AR at ETH and Disney Research

June to October 2018

After finishing my master's thesis, I had the opportunity to stay at the ETH Game Technology Center for another exciting project. In collaboration with Disney Research, I was part of the development of a paper about enhancing augmented reality (AR) experiences using body channel communication. My responsibility was the development of AR applications demonstrating the capabilities of the technology being developed at Disney Research. I implemented the applications using Unity and Vuforia running on both Android and Microsoft HoloLens.

Master of Science UZH in Informatics


Today, I graduated summa cum laude from the University of Zurich with an MSc in Informatics (computer science). During my time at the university, I focused on computer graphics and web technologies as well as on cloud computing and data science. To further deepen my knowledge in these areas, I visited classes at ETH Zurich, where I also wrote my master's thesis "Campus Explorer: Facilitating Student Communities through Gaming".

Campus Explorer at MCCSIS 2018


After completing my master's thesis on facilitating student communities through gaming, I had the opportunity to write a paper about the topic. My paper titled "Campus Explorer: Facilitating Student Communities through Gaming" was accepted at this year's IADIS Game and Entertainment Technologies conference. It is available in the IADIS digital library.

bRenderer at Eurographics 2017


My paper "bRenderer: A Flexible Basis for a Modern Computer Graphics Curriculum" was presented at Eurographics 2017 as part of the Education Program.

Second Place at the ETH Rendering Competition


In the context of the computer graphics lecture at ETH Zurich, I implemented a path tracer (based on the Nori framework). To demonstrate the features we implemented during the semester, a contest was held among the about 50 students taking the lecture. This year's theme was "Once Upon a Time" and my render, showing a hand-modeled ruin in front of a forest, was ranked second.

Click here to the contest page at ETH.

Audience Award for A Drone in the Dark


Our game "A Drone in the Dark" won this year's audience award at the ETH Game Lab. The prize was sponsored by Microsoft and consisted of an Xbox One including four controllers. Many thanks!

Click here for a screenshot of the post on the Microsoft Developer Facebook page (the original post is not online anymore).



I just released my newest short movie "Feuerregen" about a young man who gets lost in his fantasies.

Trabant B12 nominated!


My short movie "Trabant B12" was nominated at the Academy Shorts short film festival this year. I'm looking forward to seeing it on the big screen!

Trabant B12: Short Movie


After five teaser episodes, my short movie "Trabant B12" is finally available on YouTube.

Schneckentempo nominated!


My short "Schneckentempo" will be presented at this year's Academy Shorts in Fribourg.

Trabant B12: Last Episode


An essay about life on a faraway planet.

B12 at the Camgaroo Award 2012


The first episode "Prologue" was nominated for the Camgaroo Award 2012!

Additionally, the episode received a nomination for the AFF-Award 2012 from the "Amateurfilm Forum" community.

Trabant B12: Teaser Episodes


The first four episodes of Trabant B12 are now online.

B12 Browser Game


In the B12 browser game, you can take control of the spaceship Mayflower and try to reach the moon B12. But pay attention to the schedule and your fuel reserves!

Update: Unfortunately, the Unity Web Player does not work anymore in modern browsers.

Trabant B12: First Episode


The first teaser episode is now online!

The human race is soon to be extinct and the only way to preserve our heritage is to discover new planets. Yet it is still impossible to travel at light speed and no living being could ever arrive at the only place suitable for humans to survive and within reach for a spacecraft.

Therefore, scientists send the human genome on its long journey to a small moon called “B12”, where people are born and raised by machines. Yet life on B12 is not what they expected it to be ...

3D History Museum


For my history class, I created a small history museum about the most important events of the 20th century. This way, students can explore history in a gaming context making it more fun and interesting at the same time.



In the context of my final project for school, I just finished "Schneckentempo". It is a short film about a biker who is diagnosed with a fatal illness.






Feuerregen | 2014


Feuerregen is a short movie I made in 2014. It portrays a young man who gets lost in his fantasies. When his best friend rejects his advances, he draws dangerous conclusions about her uncle.

The short is available in German only.

Trabant B12 | 2013


Through the footage of surveillance cameras, we follow the lives of two young men inhabiting a colony on the moon "B12". They were conceived by artificial insemination and grew up closely monitored by an AI they call "mother".

After one of the men discovers strangely glowing creatures floating in the air, he begins to develop a fascination for the moon and its inhabitants. Soon afterward his desire for freedom grows stronger and stronger ...

B12 Episodes | 2012

Schneckentempo | 2010


Schneckentempo ("snail pace") is a short movie I made as a school project in 2010. It portrays a passionate biker who is diagnosed with an incurable disease. The title "Schneckentempo" refers to the slow progression of the protagonist's illness on the one hand and him having to slow down as a biker on the other hand.

The short is available in German only.


Campus Explorer | 2018


In the context of my master's thesis at ETH Zurich, I implemented Campus Explorer. Campus Explorer is a prototype game that allows evaluating a set of suitable core game mechanics, social features and reward systems to motivate students to explore their university and meet other students.

Based on my thesis, I wrote a paper that got accepted at the IADIS Game and Entertainment Technologies conference 2018.

Download the thesis: click here

Download the paper: click here

A Drone in the Dark | 2016


A Drone in the Dark is our contribution to the Game Programming Laboratory at ETH Zurich in 2016 and is the winner of the audience award sponsored by Microsoft.

More information, reports and the game itself can be found on the ETH website.

Click here for a screenshot of the post on the Microsoft Developer Facebook page (the original post is not online anymore).

Basic Renderer | 2015


The Basic Renderer (bRenderer) is a cross-platform educational framework written in C++ and suited to teach basic knowledge in computer graphics.

My paper "bRenderer: A Flexible Basis for a Modern Computer Graphics Curriculum" was accepted at Eurographics 2017 as part of the Education Program.

3D History Museum | 2011


In the context of a school project, I created an interactive 3D history museum using the Unity engine. It consists of four rooms with each being dedicated to a historic event of the 20th century.

Visitors can test their newly gained knowledge in a quiz in the main hall of the museum.